Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Snow

Decided to go to the plot today whatever the weather. The sun came out just before we left but as we arrived and were unlocking the gate, guess what, a few flurrys of snow started. Not to be put off we started work on our plot.Re-planted a current bush that we had been given buy another plot holder and started to dig and clear a strawberry bed that we shall be using for something else, and topping it with our own compost,got excited as I saw a couple of fat worms.
A fox walked across the plot and our Robin appeared. Heard a lot of commotion and looking up saw a new crows nest in the tree and the crows having an argument with a couple of magpies.Last year the crows bought the babies to our bird bath and dropped bread and sausages into it to soften it up for them.The bird bath,water tank and pond were frozen so broke up the ice and re-filled with fresh
 water. Here is a picture of the daffodils which are really struggling at the moment along with the very last crocus.


jacqui said...

Hi Guys
good on you for getting out there today despite the weather. I decided to wrap up and head out too,painted a shed and managed to have a bonfire and mow the lawn. Like you saw the sun later on what a treat that was. The light nights are here so spring must be just around the corner. Your plot is looking really nice looks like Monty's quite bare until all the growth begins. Lets hope it warms up soon I want to do some planting too. Take care Jacqui xx

maureen said...

What a difference a week makes, even the ducks were enjoying the sun. How did your photos of them turn out.

bye for now